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Blu Q Update: After Irma

Hello everyone. The good news is the Blu Q survived with barely a scratch on her.  Our Crew, Captain Mo, TJ, Marc, and myself and our homes and families are good!  We are very thankful and blessed.  Our only loss was our small 22 foot powerboat, but otherwise we all are very fortunate.

The Island of Key West as a whole faired well as far as structures.  There is a lot of cleanup and, of course, the loss of business until things get back to normal.  

But, we are in the process of getting back to normal.  

We don't have a date yet, but likely we will be running trips sometime in October, so please check back on our website for updates.  Thanks so much for your business over the last 20+ years and Key West needs your support more than ever!  Captain Steve 


22 Years of Fun!

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