Blu Q is now offering Private Trips. 

Please call 305-923-7245 for detail & booking.

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UPDATED 6.29.20

Key West is open for business; however, it's important to stay updated on the status of local businesses due to COVID restrictions imposed by authorities. 

Now, throughout Monroe County and Key West, face coverings are required by ordinance along with social distancing. It's the law so be prepared to comply.

Beginning the 2nd week of July, Blu Q will begin a reopening in phases.  First phase will include "private" trips with reduced capacities and very specific guidelines to enhance safety.  Private trips will be limited to 12 persons who have been together for at least 2 weeks.  Please call for details or click on below links for PRIVATE trips.

Our reservation policy is very flexible as the availability may change as the COVID response by local authorities changes. 

Our website is the best way to stay informed about us, so please check back often.

Thanks for your support.  Capt Steve ​​