​​Gay Sailing Adventures

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to bring?
    • On day trips; a towel, sunscreen, swimsuit for public areas.  For sunset trips, very casual and comfortable clothing.  During the fall and winter months, you should prepare for cooler temperatures as it can get brisk on days that are not as sunny or close to sundown.  
    • You may also bring a backpack, camera. Just be polite and conscientious on who and what you take a picture of and how you share.  If in doubt, ask the person that may be in the photo.    
  • What is provided on the trips?
    • Gear depends on what type of day trip, but includes all gear necessary for the events; such as snorkel gear, wetsuits in cooler months, kayaks.  If you need prescription lenses, then there is a dive shop at our dock you can rent them for $10. 
    • Lunch is provided on days trips along with cups, ice, beverages.  Our lunches usually consist of sandwiches, (sometimes cold or hot), pasta salad, slaw, fresh fruit, cookies. Since we do not have a full kitchen onboard, we cannot prepare custom meals. If you have a special dietary requirements, please feel free to bring whatever you would like and we can store it on ice if necessary.  You may also bring your own adult beverages too.  We just ask that you don't drink before snorkeling. 
  • How many people are on the boat?
    • Blu Q is certified for 37 passengers.  However, we don't overcrowd the boat and for day trips especially, we keep the number of passengers to a very comfortable number of around 20 to 25 people so that everyone has plenty of room to lay out.  Sunsets are different in the fact they are 2 hour trips and 30+ is a nice comfortable and festive number.
    • Depending on the time of year, the number of passengers vary drastically.  Major holidays and special event weekends sell out, other times are a bit slower.  We do have a minimum on trips which is usually 4 to 6 people.  
  • What is the mix of people on the boat?
    • Our customers are the greatest. It's what makes this job so much fun!  Ages vary depending on the time of year and what events are happening in town that draw various interests.  One thing for sure; Blu Q is a friendly place where diverse people from everywhere meet and enjoy an awesome day or sunset on our beautiful waters.  Many make life long friends and sometimes more on Blu Q's trips.  Unless you want to sit in a corner and be by yourself, you won't have any problem meeting some great people and fitting in.  This is one of the things that makes Key West so special.   
  • What about transportation and parking?
    • We do not offer pickup service. However, Blu Q's dock is located in the most convenient area of Key West in the Key West Historic Seaport at the North end of Margaret Street.  If you are staying in Old Town, you can usually walk or bike ride to the boat in a few minutes enjoying the stroll down our beautiful historic neighborhoods.  
    • We recommend not using a car as much as possible.  Parking is very sparse and also expensive.  
  • What happens if a trip is canceled and I've already paid?
    • Reservations are prepaid in advance and most are done directly.  If Blu Q has to cancel a trip for any reason, we first will try and reschedule you.  If we can't, then you get a complete 100% refund.  If you have to cancel, then you should refer to the cancelation policy that you received with your booking confirmation for complete instructions.