Blu Q reopens in phases. (updated 6/24/20)

Blu Q will continue to be cautious in reopening and may change the following phased plan according to current health alerts and infections rates in the US and Florida.

  • Phase I, Private Charters (12 MAX) Begin 2nd week of July. Public charter trips (under Emergency Directive by the City of Key West) require many items that frankly alter the trip to the point it's neither enjoyable or impractical to expect the public to comply. Consequently, substantial risk remains as unrelated people are confined in a small space where distancing is difficult, face coverings are required but compliance is inconsistent and difficult to enforce. We don't want to be put in that position. Private Charters alleviate some of those risks as the group is small, have been in contact for at least 2 weeks and can attest that no one has been sick or exposed to COVID. Distancing from the CREW & face coverings when in close proximity will still be required, but is achievable with little inconvenience or affect on the trip.
  • Phase II, Public Trips (12 MAX) Phase II trips will be offered when the infection rate in the majority of our market share States & Counties have peaked and is on a sustained decline for at least two weeks. The trips will likely still require some mitigation; i.e., social distancing, face coverings, etc. However, this assumes that Officials have not mandated any additional restrictions.
  • Phase III, Public Trips (18 MAX) After at least a month of steady decline in the majority of States including Florida; Blu Q will resume trips as close to normal as possible, but limiting the size to 50% of max certified limit. There still may be some aspects of limitations that exist depending on recommendations and or directives from State and Local governments and of course, we'll change our trips accordingly.
  • BACK TO NORMAL, Blu Q resumes full service trips. We're all eager to get to this day! It will be when there's a scientific breakthrough that mitigates or eliminates the current affect of COVID on the human population. We're following the science based guidance for the best way to stay safe and healthy in the meantime. 
  • For those that purchased FLEX tickets, have GIFT cards or "in house credits", those will continue to be valid until at least December 31st, 2021.